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Neal McChristy is a 1982 graduate of the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan. He was editor and staff writer for weekly and daily newspapers from 1982-95. McChristy has worked in the imaging field for over 20 years, first editing a remanufacturing magazine and associated Web site for five years beginning in 1995. He then freelanced for over 18 years, primarily in the imaging field, but he has also written computer “how-to” articles for computer magazines and has written for premier horse publications He was managing editor for Imaging Spectrum, an imaging magazine, for 2007-2008. He wrote his first novel in 1972 along with the two written in the ’90s that were discarded. “Strands of Fear,” a more recent novel, explores what would happen if various factions combined into a network of terrorists who attack the USA. Another, “Tahiti Sunrise,” is about a couple in the ultimate midlife crisis. Another novel, “Montana Honor,” is about a Montana reporter who is embroiled in a conspiracy by state officials over abortion resulting in people killed by an anti-abortion zealot. "Risky Traps," about a Cleveland woman in trouble with the mob who escapes to Nebraska, is more recent. "Call to Heaven" explores 'life after life" experiences of a 15-year-old Arkansas boy. The most recent is a novella about Jasmine, whose UCLA debut has her looking for a missing roommate. Jasmine is featured in "Montana Honor" and other books by McChristy.

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