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Was 1933 Germany a preview for us?

I am becoming more and more concerned about the rightist government that dominates Washington and multitudes of other countries. Right now, Congress is preoccupied with throwing out George Santos, regardless of rampant inflation and a need for first-buyer low-interest housing loans.

While I think Santos should go, there are many other items we need to care about now. Like paying twice as much for everythink we buy.

Dominating this is Yellow Combover with his rants. Those in the courts or in the Jusice Departments seems afraid of him. If they did, his assaults on court personnel would have landed him in jai. He needs about a year in jail. not candidacy.

It may surprise many that pre-Hitler Germany had its own taste of serenity. Only after he became chancellor did the Nazi part surface. I don't like the old age of Joe Biden, but he would be preferable to Trump. I wish Joe would step aside. It's too risky. But frankly, there are many people who would move if Trump becomes president.

I just wish our leaders in government would take the reins and do something for the common man. We need a YOUNG FDR-like candidate. There are many out there who could qualify.

-Neal McChristy

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