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I know Neal...

Ronelle Ingram
BTA Senior Instructor and author of "Service with a Smile"
Worked with Neal

   I have been working with Neal for over 25 years. He is an excellent researcher and journalist. He is diligent in his fact finding and interviewing skills. He is able to appraise the overall situation and write in such a way that his readers can easily understand the information and feel the implications of the story.

   Through the years Neal has reported on a wide range of topics as well as been a writer of interesting fiction. Neal was my very first editor in the mid-90s. He always provided me with helpful hints and greatly improved my writing proficiency, content capture and encouraged me to development my own style of reporting and writing.

   I am proud to consider Neal McChristy my friend, mentor, writer guru and fellow equestrian.

Karen Hall
Public Information Specialist at Public Service Commission of West Virginia
March 7, 2013, Karen was a client of Neal’s

   I hired Neal on a regular basis for more than five years. He did freelance writing for the magazine I was editing at the time and always turned in superior articles. Neal is an excellent writer, extremely versatile, always on deadline and a joy to work with. Although we no longer have the opportunity to work together, we remain good friends. If you have the chance to make use of his talents, by all means, say yes!

Phyllis Gurgevich
Nevada Bankers Association
Phyllis worked with Neal as a colleague 2007-08

   Neal McChristy is a completely ethical and conscientious professional journalist and writer. Neal is able to research complex and technical issues, comprehend and provide a thorough and fair accounting in an easy manner. The end result being a written piece of high integrity that serves his readers with a truthful, accurate and enjoyable read. Our paths have crossed numerous times in the office imaging industry and I am honored to consider Neal a friend.

David Connett
Creative Partner at Connett & Unland GbR
 David was a client of Neal’s as former publisher, The Recycler magazine

   Neal is a great journalist and is always full of story ideas and at the same time he is happy to take one of my off the wall idea and turn it into a fantastic read. His knowledge about the market is frankly incredible and his has a way of dealing with people that really teases out the extra bits you want in the story.

   Always word perfect, always on time... He makes my life as an editor easy. And best of all, he sometimes tells me my story ideas won't fly...

Jonathan Sabo
Vice-President of Marketing, Cardinal Scale
Late '90s,  Jonathan worked with Neal in editorial

   Neal is a born journalist with an incredible amount of experience who is constantly thinking of the next big story and tirelessly seeks to bring a balanced and fair approach to his articles.


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